With more than 10 years of professional experience in civic and municipal architecture including culture, health and educational projects (both public and private), Barcelona-based architects taller 9s arquitectes and Casanovas, Graus, Pérez arquitectes join paths at bSITE architecture, aiming at improving our architectural, urban design and masterplanning services and offering them at an international scale. 

We first met at Rehabimed (Euromed Heritage project for the restoration of Traditional Mediterranean Architecture) where we had the opportunity to cooperate with several European and local experts in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Cyprus, and where we were able to confirm the excellent results of joining our skills and abilities together.


We share the excitement for understated and common sense work. We care for each site's specific conditions and uniqueness and show respect for the environment. We are interested in making our clients feel close to the development process, in the satisfaction of end users and in stringently financial proposals. We care for design at every single stage and view positively tradition and innovation integration. In sum, we are passionate about architecture and strongly believe in its inherent essential values (aesthetic, social and cultural).


We propose a type of architecture which is kind to the environment and proposals that are financially efficient and both socially rewarding and sustainable; thus a type of architecture that always represents a positive addition to every location.


Irene Marzo and Oriol Cusidó graduated in Architecture respectively at the Vallès School of Architecture (2001) and the Barcelona School of Architecture (2000). In 2007 Irene also obtained a diploma as a Urban Technician at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) while Oriol completed two masters on Sustainability and the Urban Environment (UPC, 2001-2002).

Ana Pérez and Joan Casanovas both obtained their degree in Architecture in 2000 at the Barcelona School of Architecture. Ana further developed her knowledge through several independent courses on Sustainability and Architecture and on Nearly Zero Energy Buildings while Joan was awarded a sponsorship in Masterplanning and Urban Design at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology followed by two masters in Masterplanning and Urban Design and in Building Restoration.

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